The Country’s Pioneer

We are Sri Lankan’s Pioneering Telecommunication Engineering Services Provider

ISO 9001:2015 certified

We are an ISO-Certified Company, Proving the Quality and Excellence of Our Services

Dedicated Divisions

We Have Dedicated Divisions to Provide All Telecommunication Engineering Services


NMI Infra Private Limited is a 100% Sri Lankan-owned company and the country’s pioneering telecommunication engineering service provider. We are the number one selection of industry giants, including Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel, and Hutch. With over 29 years of expertise in telecommunication engineering and an ISO-certified business, we work on cutting-edge telecommunication engineering projects, such as telecom equipment installation, microwave link installation, core room installation, power system installation, and in-door base station installation.

Our responsibility is to maintain thousands of telecommunication towers throughout the country and help the nation connect in real-time. We can provide various additional complex services, such as single-site verification, cluster drive testing, radio network planning, and network optimization, thanks to our highly qualified professionals. We also manage sites for major telecommunications companies, providing both passive and active-managed services. Furthermore, we are working on various fiber optic projects, including FTTH, GPON, ISP, and OSP.

Why Do We Rapidly Thrive at NMI Infra?

We are a collection of strengths with no weaknesses. All company departments work effectively together, overcoming challenges and accomplishing objectives as a united team. The chairman and division heads are the cornerstones of success because they are flexible and quick to make decisions. And they help the company’s qualified teams in providing superior service to all our clients. Other distinguishing characteristics that propel us to the top include:


Innovative Solutions

Our comprehensive services and solutions are built on business innovations


Strategic Thinking

NMI Group works proactively to create the best course for clients’ businesses


Imaginative Approach

Every project we work on is based on creative solutions


The Can-Do Attitude

Challenges are opportunities; that’s how we see them


Systemic Approach

We have divided clients’ projects into sub-categories for better and more efficient management


Experience in a variety of industries

Our passion to become a one-stop solution provider has helped us gain experience in various industries

We handle a vast number of services, each sophisticated, yet we manage them all flawlessly using cutting-edge technology. We have specialized divisions to manage all telecommunication engineering services, with experts in the particular field taking over portions of the customers’ projects. Our divisions are as follows:

Radio Network Optimization Division (RNO)

Our exceptional radio network optimization solutions strive to provide the highest network quality while making the best use of the available spectrum

Infra-Managed Services Division

This division is in charge of meeting the country’s major telecommunications providers’ varied operating and maintenance requirements.

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Telecommunication Equipment (TE) Division

NMI Infra’s Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Telecommunication Equipment (TE) divisions provide various solutions to the major mobile network operators in Sri Lanka.

Managed Services

Division (MS)

The managed service division is responsible for critical tasks such as detecting and addressing network problems, monitoring and improving network performance, etc.

Civil Engineering Division

The primary duties of the civil construction division include designing and completing all civil construction and specializing in telecom infrastructures such as smart poles, greenfield towers, roof-top towers, etc.

Years of service excellence and a desire to grow have enabled us to extend our wings and become leaders in various other industries. Green Electric, Imedra Healthcare Private Limited, LoginWin Cargo, and Solar Panel are NMI Infra’s other companies that are also industry leaders.

Green Electric is the leading LED light and fittings brand in Sri Lanka. No other LED lighting brand can compete with us in terms of quality and product features. We also have the most extensive dealer network of 2000+ across the country. And that’s why Green Electric was the first LED lighting company to be awarded SLS, the symbol of quality.

We have also extended our reach into Sri Lanka’s solar panel business with Green Electric Solar, which has become the market leader. We are confident that we can help the nation use this energy-saving method with our industry expertise, extensive consumer knowledge, and brand power sooner than expected with Green Electric Solar.

Imedra Healthcare Private Limited is a subsidiary of our company that supplies facemasks, personal protective equipment (PPE,), pharmaceuticals, and healthcare products. Imedra Healthcare has partnered with a worldwide network over the years, becoming a turning point in the availability of world-class beauty & health products, PPE, surgical products, pharmaceuticals, and supplements & vitamins to Sri Lankans.

LoginWin Cargo is a company that provides comprehensive logistics solutions in Sri Lanka. LoginWin has established itself as a true leader because of the wide range of services to meet all of its customers’ logistical needs. LoginWin is dedicated to providing excellent logistics solutions in Sri Lanka that exceed clients’ expectations.

NMI Surgical Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd. was established in the year 2021 as a part of the NMI Group of Companies. Bringing a wealth of experience from the healthcare industry, especially from Imedra Healthcare (Pvt.) Ltd., we are uniquely positioned to provide high quality surgical masks and surgical gowns for Sri Lanka and beyond.

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