Infra-Managed Services Division

Telecommunication Operation and Maintenance Services Sri Lanka

The Infra-Managed Services Division caters to the country’s major telecommunications operators’ various operation and maintenance needs. We ensure that the country’s communication runs smoothly by providing comprehensive managed service solutions that help network operators to make better use of their OPEX portion. We also enhance their network availability via improved KPIs, which results in higher end-customer service quality.

The Infra-Managed Service Division performs many important roles for well-known companies in the telecommunications sector, and we are pleased to have kept our promise. That is why multi-million corporations have relied on our effective solutions for many years. We are prepared to meet our clients’ needs in the coming years via continual technical advances and improved services.

Telecommunication Operation and Maintenance Services We Offer

The Infra-Managed Division is in charge of some of the essential services in the country’s telecommunications industry. And we precisely customize such services for each client’s unique requirements. Our operation and maintenance services include the following:

1. Power system maintenance (preventive and corrective): Under corrective maintenance, we focus on fault rectification and repair of power equipment defects and failures, while preventative maintenance includes periodic communication procedures. And this covers both preventative and corrective power maintenance, earthing, power acquisition, and upgrade operations.

2. Air conditioner/free cooling system maintenance & service: Our comprehensive air conditioner preventative maintenance is done at predetermined intervals and covers a range of fixes. We run and maintain all air conditioners on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Generator maintenance & service and fueling: We conduct preventive generator maintenance at agreed-upon intervals and perform various repairs, including engine, cooling system, lubrication system, control panel, ATS unit repair, and complete overhauling services. Additionally, generator commissioning, assembly, and disassembly are transported to different locations (manual transport and vehicle transport). We also run and maintain all of the generators on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4. Civil rectifications and routine work: We do civil rectification of cell towers, poles, cabins, and other structures. We also conduct regular work at agreed-upon intervals, such as torque testing and vertical tests.

5. Estate management & pest control services: At predetermined intervals, we conduct estate maintenance and pest control services.

6. Portable generator deployment: We help telecommunication sites with portable generators to preserve network availability during power outages.

As you can see, the services we provide require expertise, up-to-date knowledge, and a world-class team to provide them. We have it all in the Infra-Managed division. That is why our customers have remained loyal to us for many years. The best part is that all of our clients are the ones who meet the country’s entire telecommunications needs. They are as follows:

  • Dialog
  • Airtel
  • Mobitel
  • Hutch

No other provider of telecommunication operation and maintenance services can manage the massive workload that we do. And we do it because we have limitless resources, years of experience, and a wealth of information.

We’ve completed projects for multi-million dollar companies that are out of the norm. Our customers’ needs are so diverse that only we can meet them as a 100 percent Sri Lankan business. Among our most significant works are:

1. Bharti Airtel Lanka O & M service agreement – from 2010 to up to date

2. Hutch Power Development Project – Jan-2021 to up to date

3. SLTMobitel power acquisition project 2017-2019

If you need world-class telecommunication operation and maintenance services, look no further. We are by far the most skilled at what we do. Please contact us right now for further details.

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